Virtual Villagers: A New Home is the first in a series of simulation games developed by Last Day of Work. It was released on July 18, 2006.


A group of villagers from another island flee from a volcanic eruption. The villagers land on the eastern side of the island of Isola, starving, tired, and scared. The player is tasked with watching over the small tribe and help them enjoy life on this new island.


The player can pick up and drag villagers to certain areas and they will react in different ways. For example, if the player drags the villager to the tech station, they will be researching for tech points. When a villager successfully completes a task, they earn a small portion of skill in 5 categories: Farming, Researching, Building, Healing, Parenting.

If two adults (18+, male + female only) are dragged on top of each other, a kiss sound effect plays if they have successfully "reproduced", indicated by the population going up and the female holding a baby wrapped in sheets.

There are a total of sixteen puzzles the player can solve, each having their own benefit and effect on the villagers.

Every once in a while, island events can happen, some happen automatically, while others give the players a choice on what to do.o

Villagers can die by starvation, disease, old age, or from unknown causes (such as the outcome from an event).