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Voltz is a mod pack distributed via the Technic Launcher and previously via the Feed The Beast Launcher, created to showcase mods that use the Universal Electricity API, as well as a few other mods thrown in for good measure.

Mod List

Facts about "Voltz"RDF feed
DeveloperCalclavia +
DisplayNameVoltz +
GameMinecraft +
GameCatMod Pack +
Has redirectMinecraft +
NameVoltz +
NamePageVoltz +
NamesVoltz +
PageNameVoltz +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformJava +
PlatformTypeJava +
RequiresMinecraft Forge +
Stable Version1.0.11 +
StatusReleased +
Unstable Version1.0.12 +
Versions1.0.11 + and 1.0.12 +

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