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Voodoo Nights is a third-person action game where players take on the role of two loose-cannon cops at the same time. The key to survival is to use both characters. One can take cover and lay down suppressing fire while another moves into position, for instance. Adding to the mayhem is the fact that the cops are chasing down a Voodoo gang, and gradually they learn these black arts, enabling them to levitate or possess foes.

At the core of gameplay is the fast coordination of two characters. Players directly control one character (they can switch between the two at any time) and can assign simple commands to the second character ("go here", "attack him", "cover me"). The controls are simple (just one point and click with context results).

Voodoo Nights is expected to have an online cooperative mode and downloadable content. Picture in picture greatly supports two-player gameplay, as a player can always see what both characters are looking at.



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