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The 25-in-1 by Video Extreme features 25 games. It takes 4 AA batteries. The 25 8-bit games that are on the controller are made by JungleTac Interactive, who makes 8-bit and 16-bit plug-n-play video games.

Games featured on product

  • Built Up Road
  • Bold
  • Star Ally
  • Valiant Rescue
  • Smart Escape
  • Zero Tiger
  • Space Castle
  • Aero Engine
  • Last Cabra
  • Pool Pro
  • Jewel Master
  • Move Fun
  • Ultra Doggy
  • Pinball Track
  • Spin Ball
  • Birdie Nest
  • Bingo Zap
  • Bump Car
  • GP Race
  • Speedy Way-X
  • Road Bumper
  • Excel Racing
  • Big Racing
  • VR Racing
  • Insect Chase

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