W.E.L.L. online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game which opens a world full of fascinating adventure and mystery, amazing encounters and events. Thousands will investigate and inhabit this world at the same time as you do, create its history and change their own lives. W.E.L.L. gives everyone virtually endless opportunities to communicate with friends, meet new people, and establish relationships that can be transferred to real life at any moment. This is a game for everyone without exception. Advanced players can play it as easy as those for whom the "MMORPG" term is new.

The W.E.L.L. world is huge and diverse, ever-changing and unpredictable. It values commitment and courage, open mindedness and freedom from stereotypes, willingness and ability to find common language with other people. Playing W.E.L.L. will help you gain priceless experience enabling you to realize your full potential and achieve success not only in the game, but also in your real life.

Developed by Sibilant Interactive (


Change the World – Now You Can Do It

Unlike other MMORP games, W.E.L.L. online has a common story line for all players, divided into several stages, and a common ending. A player enters the world which is on the verge of change. Seeming stability in this world conceals profound discord. Thanks to you and to other players, new characters appear in the W.E.L.L. world. They are to become the agents change and key actors in the conflict development. The world of W.E.L.L. is full of mysterious signs and calls – some appear as dreams, omens, and enigmas. You have the power to answer these calls and try to change the world, radically and for good. All events that happen in the W.E.L.L. world within the framework of the main action are reflected in the characters' behavior and in the changes to the planet appearance. Thus each player gets access to exciting adventures from the very first moment of entering the game world. Following the story line, you can play the role you choose in different ways: advance your career, travel, discover new lands, or investigate the game world mysteries. Initially you will have access just to a fraction of this world, but gradually, as the story evolves, your horizons will expand farther and farther. Players who enter the game later will be seamlessly incorporated into the evolving action. We have developed a system allowing new players to enter the game at any moment in time and still retain an opportunity to win. Winning at a particular stage of the game or the victory in the decisive battle depends only on your actions and commitment to the game.


A Mix of Modernity and Fantasy

The progress in the W.E.L.L. world is driven by magic, and all areas of social life involve enchantment. You can choose one of many possible lines of business for your character, and each of them is intuitively clear for a modern human being. But thanks to the presence of magic in this world any object, any occupation are pleasantly different from what we are used to in reality. Thus, in the W.E.L.L. world familiar realities acquire the charm of the widely popular fantasy genre.


Quick Leveling and Long Life after Upgrade

Ask any MMORPG expert what is the main weakness of his or her favorite game type. You will get approximately the same answer: anticipation of happiness is almost always better than the happiness itself. In other words, the hardest period is when you reach the highest level and you have basically nothing to aspire to after that. What can you do when your character's leveling reaches the limit? Kill other characters; visit cool places; go to dungeons; slay dragons; win cool stuff which you eventually need in order to visit cool places, go to dungeons, etc.. In other words, it is a vicious circle, and game developers do not provide a way out, and you cannot break it even when you get skilled beyond your wildest dreams. Sounds familiar? The W.E.L.L. online is built on an entirely different principle. Unlike the usual MMORPG's where most of the time is spent on leveling your character, in our case it happens VERY VERY QUICKLY. But after that a whole endless range of possibilities opens to you.


Freedom of Choice While Sharing Interests

Our players get together based not on their territory but on their interests. W.E.L.L. includes several alternative types of organizations. Do you want to combat crime? You are welcome to become a private detective or a cop. Do you want to guard the borders of your realm against the enemy? Join the border guards. Do you want to become a famous robber? Get the Mob's permission and rob away! Do you want to attack your neighbors? Join the troops, raid the enemy territory and fight the border guards. And if you want to become a successful businessman – join a commercial company and climb the corporate ladder. Each player can get promoted within his or her organization type, reaching high professional level and gaining public recognition. For this purpose there are honorary titles and other ways to get distinguished. The player is free to choose a way to advance and succeed. And if you do not like your chosen organization and its members, you can easily move to another one or even create one of your own. On the one hand, organization members have various opportunities and privileges unavailable to outsiders. On the other hand, organizations are subjects to certain limitations which make it much more interesting. If a hit man is caught while committing a crime not related to his organization's contract (quest), he can be expelled from the organization, demoted, penalized etc. An unlicensed killer is deprived of all these sweet things. But he is more vulnerable to the law: professionals who are organization members might be defended by the Mob, but no one will defend a rogue. Basically, everything has an upside and a downside, action and reaction, results and consequences some are proximate and some are direct but you will experientially see and feel the results of your decisions and choices – just like in real life. There are no prerequisite skills or initiations for jjoining an organization. A border guard can be a heavy tank covered with armor or a wizard – makes no difference. A killer can be a magician, an expert in undercover work, or, say, a fencer. He will accomplish his quest by means that suit him best. Can you imagine the multitude of career opportunities offered to you by the W.E.L.L. online?!

CONTROLLED Players vs. Player (PvP)

Absolute Fair Play

As of today, there are three types of MMORPG in respect to PvP: 1. Open PvP. Good example is provided by the Ultima Online, as well as dedicated PvP servers on the World of Warcraft and Dark Ages of Camelot etc. In this case the game control over PvP is virtually nonexistent. As the result, we get a huge number of children, beginners or happy serial killers that kill adversaries just for the heck of it. Criminals themselves run no risk in such cases and impair the user experience of more constructive players. In such cases players themselves have to invent the systems of controlling raging murderers. 2. Limited PvP. Examples: wars of Realm vs. Realm type. Here PvP exists only in designated areas or within very narrow limits. A winner gains nothing but glory, and a loser, accordingly, loses nothing. This is better, but still not very exciting. 3. Controlled PvP. There are no examples to it among modern MMORPG's as yet. The point of this principle is that PvP is allowed but it always affects all parties to the conflict. PvP relations in the W.E.L.L. online are based on precisely this principle. Why have we chosen the controlled PvP? The logic is simple. Limiting PvP to an arena or a frontier area means not using in full all the advantages that one-to-one combat gives to the game. Actually, the only argument against allowing PvP is the so-called Senseless Player Killing, that is, the meaningless murders described above. In all other respects this is one of the most compelling aspects of the game, and excluding it would deprive players of a certain (and rather substantial) pleasure. What is the way out? A COMPETENT PvP CONTROL SYSTEM. This gives us access to a huge layer of gaming action. In our case this control looks as follows. Any killing automatically creates an object-evidence visible only to expert detectives. Jointly with the police they catch the criminals, and if the latter's guilt is proven, they will spend some time in penal labor, shifting rocks. The players, who kill by the rules, that is, within the framework of their organizations' quests, are not penalized by the detectives or the police. Thus, anyone willing to match their martial skills is free to do that. While thugs not accustomed to fair play shift rocks in prison camps. Their playing time is wasted meanwhile, and they will think twice next time before attacking in violation of the rules of engagement.



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