Hidden Wrestlers

Each League you defeat in League Challenge mode unlocks the boss wrestler.

  • WCW: Jeff Jarrett
  • EWF: Major Tom
  • SWF: Le Masquerade
  • DoA: Shanghai
  • IU: Grizz Lee
  • NSW: Steel Talon
  • Super Heavy: Giant
  • Super Jr.: Jaguar

Hidden Leagues

Depending on your weight class, once you defeat all 6 original leagues, a "Super" class will open. Defeat the boss wrestler to unlock them.

Stay Down

To stay down on the mat after being hit, hold Square. Your opponent cannot pick you up or attack.

Heel Wrestlers

The only wrestlers that get booed by the crowd when performing taunts are 200 Wins (SWF) and Blackheart (DoA).


Different Names

Different or misspelled names appear on game dialog boxes for certain wrestlers when a tournament is won:

  • Grizz Lee reads "Grizlee"
  • Jeff Jarrett reads "The All American"
  • Major Tom reads "Majortum"

Wrestle Off Lockup

Pressing O on a "wrestle-off" for Elimination Match will do a random select, but will not stop. Performing a soft reset will fix it.

Saladin's Attire

Saladin's alternate attire has "DAW" on his shirt, which is the abbreviation for "Dead or Alive Wrestling" in Virtual Pro Wrestling. "DoA" is the abbreviation used in WCW vs. The World.

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