What is Source Wallhacking?

Wallhacking in Source games like Valve is against their rules unless you use a harmless material that will change the transparency of every map that came with Counter-Strike: Source and other games.

Material Wallhack in CSS

You can get other hacks by YouTube and other websites on the internet but they will lead to surveys and viruses. Some others need registering and/or logging in. The other side of wallhacking is called injecting a .dll into the Source game with Winject. It will allow you to see others with a minimap and an ESP box showing their weapon and health.


Injected .dll Wallhack in TF2

The reason least people cheat on Source

The reason is that there are the least amount of people cheat is because of Valve's VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Auto-ban. It doesn't ban you right in a jiffy because peoples special coding authorizes you to play as long as you don't abuse the cheat. Other coding can bypass the VAC banner so you cannot get banned but is impossible unless you are a professor at coding. The only best cheat around is the transparent material cheat. It is not against the rules of Valve but not is allowed in servers by custom made rules. It is not obvious that they should know you are using the material hack.

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