Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Mario Tennis (2000)
Gender: Male
Voice Actor(s): Charles Martinet
Trademark: "upside down L" cap

Waluigi time!
~ Waluigi, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Waluigi is a character in the Mario series universe.

Looks & Personality

Waluigi was meant to be the rival of Luigi (the same way Wario is to Mario). He first appeared in Mario Tennis and has since developed in a multitude of ways. Waluigi wears black overalls over a purple shirt, and a purple cap with the letter "L" upside-down. Waluigi is also known for being tall, lean, and lanky in appearance. He also has a higher, more nasally pitched voice then Wario. Waluigi has a pencil-thin mustache and blue eyeliner around his eyes and a sharp pink nose.

Waluigi is said to be a master of tricks and deceitfulness. It is said that he will find anyway to win (even if it means cheating). Despite being good at above, he is not very smart book-wise, apparent by the way he talks and his appearance.

Waluigi's Appearances

Main Appearances

Other appearances

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