• Project Leader: Steve Leney
  • Game Design: Steve Leney; Gavin Moore; Jeff Gamon; Richard Castle; Andy Jones
  • Lead Programmer: Jeff Gamon
  • Battle Programming: Jeff Gamon; Rodney Lai
  • 3D Programming: Darten Eteo
  • Framework Programming: Andy Buchanan; Rodney Lai
  • Additional Programming: Richard Leinfellner; Paul Brooke
  • Install Code: Carlo Boggio
  • 3D Engine: Reality Lab - Developed by Readermorphics and Published by Microsoft
  • Lead Artist: Steve Leney
  • 3D Sprites: Gavin Moore
  • 2D / 3D Artwork: Richard Castle
  • Animated Sequences: John McCormack
  • 2D Artwork: Steve Leney
  • Additional Artwork: Nick Tresadern
  • Original Games Workshop Artwork: John Blanche; Wayne England; Mark Gibbons
  • Cinematic Engine: Parijat Chitale; Dave Foster; Len Frenkel; Alex Goldobin
  • Mission Construction: Karl Fitzhugh
  • Mission Design: Steve Leney; Karl Fitzhugh
  • Music / Sound Effects: Mark Knight; Anthony Bowyer-Lowe
  • Voice Recording: Bright Light Studios
  • Voice Actors: Marc Finn; Gavin Naylor; Sean Connoly
  • Voice Technician: Tim Douglass
  • Story: Dave Gamon; Richard Jones; Andy Jones
  • Script: Steve Leney; Andy Jones
  • Localisation Co-ordinator: Patrick Baroni
  • Quality Assurance: Neil Soane; Adrian Wood-Jones; Mia Garside; Darren Chapman; Richard Plumb; Matthew Dean; James Scalpello; Martin Newing; Steve Leney
  • Product: Spencer Crossley
  • Marketing: Claudine Joris; Tara Mun
  • Public Relations: James Morris
  • Development: Richard Leinfellner
  • Manager: Karl Fitzhugh
  • Manual: Steve Leney; Richard Hewison; Andy Jones; Kevin Bachus
  • Graphic Design: Bill Duncan; Fiona Todd
  • Manual Illustrations: John Blanche; Wayne England; Mark Gibbons
  • Cover Artwork: Dave Gallagher

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