Point System

This is a list of how many points you get or lose for certain tasks on the PlayStation 3 game Warhawk.

Combat Points
As a troop Warhawk 3
Troop 1
Others 2
In a Warhawk Warhawk w/TOW missile 3
Others 1
In a tank Warhawk 2
Others 1
In a 4x4 Warhawk or tank 2
Others 1
In a turret Warhawk or tank 2
Others 1
Kill assist 1
Suicide -1
Team kill
(for each individual)
Capture The Flag Points
Take enemy flag 5
Successful flag capture 25
Successful flag defend 10
Flag defend assist 2
Elimination of enemy flag carrier 5
Team kill flag carrier -25
Other Points
Neutralize zone
(up to 3 levels per zone in Zone mode)
Capture zone
(up to 3 levels per zone in Zone mode)
Territory assist
(during capture or defense)
Territory defense 3

You also get bonus points from earning ribbons during a round.

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