Warlock is a platform video game for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, released by Acclaim Entertainment. The game is based on a film series.


Once every thousand years, the sun and the moon align together. When this happens, the Evil One sends his only son, the Warlock, to Earth to gather six ancient runestones. When assembled, the runestones give the possessor ultimate power to undo the Earth's creation. Using sorcery inherited from his ancestors, a modern druid must travel through time to prevent the Warlock from finding all of the runestones.


As a druid, the player is armed with seven different spells that will aid him in his battle against the Warlock. Up to 255 spells of a certain kind can be carried, although the status bar only shows up to nine.

  • Weak smart bombs
  • Strong smart bombs
  • Healing
  • Revival Spell
  • Protection Spell
  • Tremor
  • Time Reversal

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