Warmech is a character from Mace: The Dark Age


As the darkness continues to consume the surface world, the realm of the Dwarves have been inside the very mountains working hard on the very weapons they make. Oppressed by the Covenant of Seven (Lord Deimos in particular), this mysterious race have constructed weapons and other equipment for Lord Deimos and his forces as they wage war across Europe. Unbeknownst to Lord Deimos and his army, the Dwarves have a thirst for revenge against the Oppressive warlord, one of the Dwarves named Gar Gudrunson one of the race's master craftsmen has dreamed of roaming the surface world, smashing Lord Deimos' forces and giving the Dwarf World the peace and freedom they long desired. He and the other Dwarf craftsmen go to work building this machine, bur once it was finished, they believe that only the Dwarf that has a strong hatred for Lord Deimos can pilot it. Gar takes it upon himself to pilot his dream and wage war against Lord Deimos.

Good Ending

Gar and his Warmech were successful at defeating Lord Deimos as well as Asmodeous. Once Gar obtains the Mace from Asmodeous, the weapon's power begins to corrupt Gar's mind as he begins to hear voices. He comes to realization that the Dwarves are not just to live in freedom, but oppress the very world that has oppressed them. Gar brings the Mace back to the world of the dwarves and the Mace corrupts the minds of all dwarves who mass produce Warmechs and enter the surface world, waging war on the very race that oppressed them.

Bad Ending

Though Gar and his Warmech have defeated Lord Deimos, but Gar would be defeated by the powerful Asmodeous. Gar gets out of the now destroyed Warmech he returns home to the Dwarf World in hopes to make a bigger, better Warmech. Unfortunately, this would make Gar obsessed with this and many fellow Dwarf craftsmen have died, his obsession however would lead to his own demise. The Warmech prjoect would eventually be anbandoned as a result of the deaths of Gar and other Dwarf craftsmen.

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