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Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc is a historically-based computer game. Developed and published by Enlight, it was released in 2004. The player assumes the persona of Joan of Arc and leads the French in their attempt to win the Hundred Year's War. The game combines aspects of real-time strategy and action. The game is available via the online video game service GameTap.


While the game has both action and strategy aspects, action predominates. Playing as Joan or one of several other French commanders, the player uses a variety of weapons to defeat enemy English soldiers. As the game progresses, the player gains combos and special attacks that enable him or her to defeat the English more effectively. The player also controls the French army and directs it in battle. There are eight levels, each featuring multiple objectives.

Critical reaction

Reaction to the game was middling. GameSpot rated it 6.2 out of 10. PC Gamer gave it 49% and said that it "deserves the same fate as its namesake". [1] Some reviewers were more charitable: Vido Game City gave it a 7.5 and praised its "unique blend of two genres that have certainly needed an injection of life for some time, and this game succeeds in doing so". [2]

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