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Wars of the Creator Races

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In the ancient days, before the rise of the created races, great wars were fought by the creator races: the reptile creatures, the amphibians, and the avian peoples. Though most of these wars were fought against other races, many were fought between themselves as well, as they sought to gain dominance over one realm or another.

Only a few tales from this time survive. One recounts a group of reptile creatures that betrayed their own kind for the sake of control over a powerful temple. The traitors used the trust of the simple townsfolk to infiltrate the temple area, and then used raw force to breech the temple's defenses, murdering the loyal guardians before seizing control of the site. Once in control of the temple, the city's rulers were caught and slain and the attackers seized the reigns of the whole city. Their efforts were for naught; within the year, the city was burned to the ground by an army of the avian peoples.

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