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This was one of many such weapons distributed among a short-lived private militia in Waterdeep called the Watchmen's Club. No expense was spared for their equipment because the primary backers were a group of adventurous nobles who fancied that they were "taking the night back from the hoodlums and roustabouts." The movement folded when the pursuit fell out of fashion.

Facts about "Watchman's Club"RDF feed
Base Critical Threatx2 +
Base Damage1d6 +
Base Damage TypeBludgeoning +
DisplayNameWatchman's Club +
ElementClub +
FeatWeapon Proficiency (simple) +, Weapon Proficiency (druid) +, Weapon Proficiency (monk) + and Weapon Proficiency (wizard) +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameWatchman's Club +
NamePageWatchman's Club +
NamesWatchman's Club +
PageNameWatchman's Club +
PageTypeElement +
Weapon SizeMedium +
Weight3.0 +

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