Wayne Gretzky Hockey NHLPA All-Stars is a Super NES and Mega Drive/Genesis hockey game that features Wayne Gretzky and other NHLPA players.


Players can play in exhibition mode, regular season mode, playoff mode, and even listen to stereotypical music of each nation in the sound test mode (country music for Canada, rock and roll music for Team USA, for example). In the Sega version, the player's names are formalized (Thomas instead of Tom, David instead of Dave, Steven instead of Steve, etc.).

Players can also have the CPU play some or all of their regular season, but the computer will lose more games than win them so it's important to play as many games as possible manually. In addition to American cities corresponding to real NHL teams, the player can also play as international teams (Sweden, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, United States and Canada).

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Main Menu

    • Just Play
      • Choose Teams
    • Exhibition Game
      • Choose Teams
    • Practice
      • Team Practice
      • Faceoff Practice
      • Shootout Practice
      • Done
    • Tourney/Season
      • All Star Open Tournament
      • Professional Tournament
      • Pro Playoffs Best of Seven
      • Pro Season
      • Done
    • View/Edit Stats
      • View 1994/1995 Stats
      • Player Ratings
      • Last Game Stats
      • Change Team Names
      • Change Team Colors
      • Trade Players
      • Reset Cartridge
      • Credits
    • Settings
      • Penalties ON/OFF
      • Arcade Mode
      • 5 on 5
      • 5 min. Period
      • Game Music ON/OFF
      • Fighting ON/OFF
      • Real Skate ON/OFF
      • Medium Play
      • Test Sound
        • (Game contains 79 different sound clips)


    • NHL Teams

The game lacks the NHL license, meaning that teams are represented only by their corresponding city, rather than official name and logo. On default settings, teams do not feature their appropriate colors, but the game can be customized so that each team's uniforms resemble their NHL counterparts.


  • Strangely, despite this game being made 5 years after the fall of Soviet Russia, the abbreviation for Russia is still listed as "USSR".
  • The cover art features pictures of Wayne Gretzky taken during exhibition games held during the 1994–95 NHL lockout. The white jerseys with black shoulders and the NHLPA logo were worn in games held in North America; the red-striped jersey, based on the Detroit Red Wings throwback, was worn on an European tour.


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