EU (European Union)

Standard Weapons

  • BJ-2 Combat Knife
  • P33 Pereira Pistol
  • Turcotte Rapid SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
  • Morretti SR4 Sniper Rifle
  • SCAR 11 AR (Assault Rifle)
  • Bianchi FA-6 LMG (Light Machine Gun)
  • Mitchell AV-18 Heavy Anti-Tank (Rocket Launcher)

PAC (Pan Asian Coalition)

Standard Weapons

  • BJ-2 Combat Knife
  • Takao T20 Pistol
  • Malkov RK-11 SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
  • Park 52 Sniper
  • Krylov FA-37 AR (Assault Rifle)
  • Shuko K-80 LMG (Light Machine Gun)
  • Sudnik VP (Rocket Launcher)

Unlockable Weapons

  • FRG-1 Grenade (Fragmentation Grenade)
  • RDX DemoPak (C4, Remotely Detonated Explosive)
  • APM Mine (Anti-Personal Mine)
  • II-29 Motion Mine (Auto Mine)
  • II-14 EMP Mine (Electro Magnetic pulse)
  • Lambert Carbine (Assault Rifle)
  • Baur H-AR (Heavy Assault Rifle)
  • Voss L-AR (Light Assault Rifle)
  • PK-74 AR-Rocket (Small rocket launcher for the L-ARs)
  • Herzog AR-Shotgun (Shotgun addon for the L-ARs)
  • Clark 15B Shotgun
  • Ganz HMG (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Koenig H-AVR (Heavy Anti-Vehicle Rifle)
  • Mitchell SAAW 86 (Anti-Air Rocket Launcher)

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