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Welm Urun is a hydrogen-helium gas giant. The phrase "Welm Urun" in the volus native language translates to "the golden one," a reference to its deep yellow-orange rings. Much to the prospectors' dismay, there was no gold to be found in its moons. Welm Urun's economic contribution to the system was the ubiquitous helium-3, but the collection materials have since been destroyed by the Reapers

Facts about "Welm Urun"RDF feed
Day Length16.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameWelm Urun +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameWelm Urun +
NamePageWelm Urun +
NamesWelm Urun +
Orbital Distance6.8 AU +
Orbital Period17.7 Earth Years +
PageNameWelm Urun +
PageTypeElement +
Radius62,522 km +

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