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Wheeler is a sizable rock planet. Its atmosphere is a hostile mix of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which poses little hazard to remote robo-mining. Modern equipment can easily tolerate the planet's temperatures and gravity. Wheeler's crust is rich in bauxite and other light metals used in fabricators the galaxy over.

Facts about "Wheeler"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure2.35 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length60.5 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameWheeler +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameWheeler +
NamePageWheeler +
NamesWheeler +
Orbital Distance0.85 AU +
Orbital Period0.8 Earth Years +
PageNameWheeler +
PageTypeElement +
Radius7,894 km +
Surface Gravity1.9 G +
Surface Temperature438.15 K (165 °C, 329 °F, 788.67 °R) +

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