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The Nintendo Wii has spawned a series of games that are similar in that they all include Miis and the name of the console is found in all of them. All of them also have control schemes that simulate real life activities with the Wii Remote. (Not including Wii Fit which mainly used the Wii Balance Board as the main control) The first game in the series was Wii Sports which was one of the launch games on the console and is packaged with every Wii system. The most recent is Wii Party which was announced at E3 2010.


Game Release Notes
Wii Sports 2006 Best selling video game of all time selling 60.67 million copies. One of the launch games for the system.
Wii Play 2006
Wii Fit 2007 One of the first games to use the Wii Balance Board accsessory.
Wii Music 2008
Wii Sports Resort 2009 The sequel to Wii Sports, it is packaged with Wii Sports in every black color Wii
Wii Fit Plus 2009 The sequel to Wii Fit, it includes all the original games as well as 20 new ones.
Wii Party TBA It was announced at E3 2010. It is similar to Mario Party

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