Blue Training Court

    • Before you choose single game, best of 3 and best of 5. when the screen is black, press 2 or 1 on your remote. You will be playing in the Training Court (blue).


Choose a special ball

  • Before the game starts, when the screen is black, press up for a blue ball (default), right for a gold ball, down for a green ball, and left for a pink ball.

91 Pins down

    • In the Power Throw training, when there are 91 pins, curve your aim a notch or two, and move as far as you can to the blue wall. Try to roll it on top of the wall. If it stays on the wall, you will hear a boom, nd all 91 pins will fall.


Underhand throw

    • When you're pitching press 2 on your remote to underhand, this will make it harder for your opponents.


Play without meters and maps

    • To disable the power meter, map, and the wind speed indicator, hold 2 on the remote until the game starts (do not let go of 2 until it's done showing you the course).


Silver Gloves

    • After you beat the champion, Matt, You will be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do this, press 1 on your remote until the match starts

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