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Wildfire Games is an independent free software video game developer, originally founded as a modding team in 2001. Wildfire Games is developing two games of the real-time strategy genre. In addition to game development, Wildfire Games made the Pyrogenesis game engine[1] used in 0 A.D and The Last Alliance.


Wildfire Games originally started out as a game modding studio for Age of Empires II. 0 A.D. was originally a mod idea, but later turned into an independent game with the limitations set by Age of Empires.


Wildfire Games is currently developing 0 A.D. It will be released in two parts: the first exploring B.C. and the second A.D.[2] They are also developing The Last Alliance, a sister game, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's literary works.[3]

Titles Genre Status
0 A.D. Part I Real-time strategy In development
0 A.D. Part II Expansion pack Planning
The Last Alliance Real-time strategy On hold


  • Top 100 Best Mods and Indies of 2008[4]


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