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Willow is a platform game based on the 1988 film of the same name. It was developed by Capcom and released as an arcade game in 1989.


An evil Witch Queen called Queen Bavmorda is after the holy baby of the lands, Elora Danan intent on destroying her. A young peaceful wizard called Willow Ufgood was selected to protect Elora. Later on a brave warrior named Madmartigan joins Willow to fight the enemy rival General Kael.


The game has six stages, some where Willow plays his part, some where Madmartigan plays his part and one of the stages where either character is selectable. Pull the joystick left or right to move in the direction. Press the A button to use a weapon. Hold down the A button and let go to fire stronger shots, indicated on the magic power gauge. Press the B button to jump. While jumping press the B button and pull the joystick up to haul up ledges. Press the B button and pull the joystick down to climb off ledges. Chests can be smashed open to reveal useful items. Collect gold for purchasing items from the Owl Mage. When you run into the Owl Mage, you can purchase weapons, healing potions, defensive jewellery, a life pack, a 1up and some information. Depending on whether you are playing as Willow or Madmartigan determines if you can purchase the magic weapon or the blade weapon. You might meet sub-bosses in some stages. At the end of each stage, you shall have to confront and defeat the stage boss to proceed.


fr:Willow (jeu d'arcade)

ja:ウィロー (ゲーム)

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