Win Windows DS Nintendo DS. A close step to perfect emulation to the DS. Its a package filled with the NO$GBA but with some modified functions, like a No Cash Zoom, screen X2 or a faborite, the Nintendo DSi skin(NOS No$Skin), well and other DS emulators but with different functions like iDeaS, that has a function to scan the emulation and some other stuff and lastly but not less important, the DeSmuME, same emulator but some utilities t make your life easier when modifying speed or taking snapshots, even a save state and load is included.

Visual Boy Advance Too?

The next emulator in the pack is the VisualBoyAdvance,the one you already know and the same as before, has some extras for this one, its called VBA-M (Maybe an upgraded version of the VBA cause the original cant read the save states saved with this one), not only the old tools prevail, but also some magnifying tools to give a different view to your gaming, but remember to give a higher priority because it works with a higher RAM memory need, so if it works slow (at 80% or switching constantly) give a higher priority. Enough?, well its not over yet, another VBA is available, the VBA-Link. Not quite sure of its function but like its name suggests it may have link cable functions via-online (What other way may a computer have huh?)

Like other Emulators, its function its to emulate Nintendo DS game archieves in your PC, the difference to others is its unique mask change, makes it look as a floating Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi (varies in the WinDS version you have, the most recent one uses the DSi skin) in your desktop with all the functions (well except for the microphone) of a DS & also the ones of a Emulator device.