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Winbrick is game for Windows computers. It is a version of the classic Breakout for Atari. There is also another version similar to WinBrick called MacBrick, for Macintosh computers. These games are shareware, so each set has 5 levels, but 20 on each set if registered.



In the first version, Winbrick96, there are few modes such as single player, two-player, versus computer.


In Winbrick2000, there are more features, including the level shop, and network play (including a chat feature). It also has another set of levels, including a training set, which displays tips at the bottom of the screen. You may also choose a set of pictures. The default pictures are "Me", "PC", "Hal", "Calc", "Unnamed" and "Abucus", however you can make your own pictures for your user.


The newest version is 3DWinbrick2001. It features 3D graphics and has yet another set of levels.

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