WingNuts: Temporal Navigator is a shooter game by Freeverse Software. Players navigate an airplane around a two-dimensional map while avoiding hazards and picking up "goodies" or bonuses. The map is initially filled with enemy planes and the object of each level is to shoot down every plane.[1]

The player character is a modern-day pilot fighting robotic planes which the antagonist, Baron Von Schtopwatch, transported from other eras.

WingNuts: Temporal Navigator was followed by WingNuts 2: Raina's Revenge and is no longer distributed by Freeverse. Freeverse began offering WingNuts: Temporal Navigator for free from its website on November 17, 2006[2][3]. A Mac version is still available [4], while the Windows version has been discontinued.

A trailer to the game is still offeredon The sequel, WingNuts 2, was made exclusively for the Mac OS X operating system.[5]


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