Wings of War is a Flight Simulator developed by Silver Wish Games and published by Gathering of Developers. The game was a standard wartime flight simulator with the underused setting of World War I. Players assume the role of a Royal Air Force pilot fighting the Luftwaffe in several missions. Despite its setting, the game still features an arcade style to it: the planes never stalled and the planes could be equipped with air-to-air rockets.


After players created a profile, the game offered numerous options and game play modes including Campaign and Instant Action. During the Campaign mode, players could not only pilot single fighter planes but could also jump into bombers and recon planes as well as inside the seat of tail-mounted machine guns during missions. Players could also fight with rival pilots, partake in bonus missions and collect bonus icons to increase their score although some missions were timed.Template:Flightsim-videogame-stub

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