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Wipeout is a 1995 futuristic Combat racing video game by Psygnosis, for the PlayStation.



Players were given a choice of four futuristic air craft and eight pilots to fly around various courses at breakneck speeds. Special pads were placed on each track and flying over them granted the player access to various weapons and power ups. Blue chevron pads granted the racer an extra jolt of speed.

The speed classes available were Venom and Rapier, and the teams were FEISAR, AG-SYS, Auricom, and Qirex.


The soundtrack was made up of licensed dance songs from various dance artists and provided an atmosphere that no other racer ever had. One of the most noticable artists were Cold-Storage.

The game was a system seller for Sony's new machine and a demo was included on the game disc packed in with every machine.


Reception & Legacy



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