Wishbone and The Amazing Odyssey is a computer program published by Palladium Interactive in 1996 featuring the dog from the Wishbone television series. Players try to help Wishbone get out of the combobulator while learning about Greek mythology and history.


Wishbone has been zapped inside the combobulator and the only way out is to re-enact Homer's Odyssey. The game begins in Troy, where the player picks up the crew roster and some wine. The game then passes through the cave of Polyphemus, Aeaea and Circe, Scylla or Charybdis, Thrinacia and finally home to Ithaca, where the player must win an archery contest to win Penelope.

Additionally, the game gives access to the Knowledge Vault, an online source of information about Homer's Odyssey.

If One Loses

A loser finds himself in the Underworld, where Hades challenges Wishbone to a game in which he must beat Hades to the magic potion of Asclepius. Winning the challenge takes the player back to the game. Losing or declining to play brings an end to the game.