Wizards & Warriors III is a Hack & Slash game developed by Zippo Games and published by Acclaim Entertainment for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992/1993.


On his journey through Sindarin, Kuros the brave hero had fought the elemental spirits of the evil Wizard: Malkil atop Ice-Fire Mountain. But what Kruos diodn't realize until the last minute is that Malkil was far from finished, Kuros is defeated on the peak of Ice-Fire Mountain by Malkil. With Kuros defeated, Malkil ventured to the town of Piedup and usurped the throne of King James. A few days later, Kuros arrived at Piedup only to have learned that its citizens aren't very friendly. Kuros must assume the idenitites of a Knight, a Thief and a Wizard in order to defeat Malkil and free the town of Piedup.