Wolfenstein started the first person shooter on the PC. In the Wolfenstein series you play B.J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier of Polish descent escaping from a Nazi stronghold called Castle Wolfenstein. The first episode of 10 levels was shareware and there was 6 groups of levels total. It's really 9 levels and a hidden level. The first episode was known as Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. You have a knife and a pistol (taken from a guard) at the start of the game.

Two groups of three episodes each were sold:

1. Escape from Castle Wolfenstein
2. Operation: Eisenfaust
3. Die, Führer, Die! The Nocturnal Missions
4. A Dark Secret
5. Trail of the Madman
6. Confrontation

Wolfenstein series
Castle Wolfenstein - Beyond Castle Wolfenstein - Wolfenstein 3D - Spear of Destiny - Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory - Wolfenstein - Wolfenstein RPG - Wolfenstein: The New Order - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

There is a new version now at Wolfenstein

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