Wolfire Games is an independent video game development company founded by David Rosen. Wolfire Games develops video games for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.[1]


David Rosen started Wolfire Games in 2003 to organize his open source video game contest entries. After graduating college in 2008, he was joined by his twin brother and three friends and Wolfire Games officially dove into the independent game industry.


The company has won various awards for its games including 5th best Indie Game according to ModDB.[2]

Company name

About Template:Age years ago David and Jeff met an owner-less dog at their cabin in Sierra City. They decided to adopt him and named him 'Wolfenstein' or 'Wolfie' for short. Later this name would be the inspiration for the company name 'Wolfire':

"When David was thinking of a name for his video game company, Wolfie sprang to mind. If you add an ‘r’ you get Wolfire. Wolves are cool, and so is fire, so why not Wolfire?"[3] - Jeff Rosen


David Rosen is also listed as a game tester for the Penumbra series of games by the also indie cross-platform developer Frictional Games, a relationship which probably helped bring Penumbra musician Mikko Tarmia into the Overgrowth project.


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