X-Change is a Japanese eroge produced by Crowd and distributed in English by Peach Princess. A remake of the game, X-Change R was later produced by Crowd, but Peach Princess has stated they do not intend to market this game[citation needed].


The main character is Takuya Aihara, an average junior college student with one character flaw: he is a bit of a mental weakling. No matter how hard he tries, it seems that all the girls around him are constantly pushing him around: his teasing stepsister Natsumi, the genius president of his chemistry club Asami, and especially Asuka, his beautiful childhood friend.

One day, while cleaning some shelves in the chemistry room, he spills a mysterious chemical on himself. The next thing he knows, he is transformed into a girl. The game has seven different endings; in some Takuya remains a woman, in others he returns to being a man.


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As the game unfolds, you make various decisions/actions at set various points in the game. These choices lead to different interactions with the multiple characters throughout the game.


  • Takuya Aihara (相原拓也/たくや?): The Main Character. He turns into a female by spilling a mysterious chemical on himself.
  • Asuka Katakiri (片桐明日香?): A close friend of Takuya. Takuya has secretly been in love with her since childhood.
  • Asami Satoh (佐藤麻美?): The president of the science club, of which she and Takuya are the only members. Though very smart, she is also somewhat unscrupulous in experimenting on Takuya.
  • Professor Miyagi: The art teacher at Takuya's school. He is extremely kind and he gets along well with the students. Miyagi doesn't treat Takuya any differently after Takuya becomes a female by the accident.
  • Nurse Keiko Matsunaga (松永啓子?): The school nurse. Most of the male students are smitten with her, enough though there have been rumors about her private practices in the nurse's office.
  • Mr. Terada: The gym teacher, who was hard on the weak Takuya and is even harder in a different way when Takuya becomes a girl.
  • Natsumi (相原夏美?): Takuya's older stepsister. She is controlling and always demands for things to go her way. She often abuses Takuya, the degree of which increases in the third game.
  • Seiji (清次?): Natsumi's boyfriend, who shows an interest in the female Takuya.
  • Koji Kudo (工藤弘二?): Being very shy, he doesn't have many friends. Strangely, he has fallen for the new Takuya who takes his virginity.

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