X-Men: The Ravages Of Apocalypse, developed by Zero Gravity Entertainment and released by WizardWorks Software, is a commercial total conversion of the Quake engine. Replacing the old maps and weapons are new designs, and all of the enemies in the game have been replaced with cyborg clones of popular X-Men characters, all with their own special powers—for example Archangel is immune to rockets, Wolverine has his healing factor, etc.

Being a total conversion rather than a completely new game, it requires the full version of Quake to be played. However, due to a mix of middling reviews from publications such as GameSpot and Computer Gaming Magazine, very little publicity was received for the TC, and the requirement that users buy the game when there were already several free, highly successful Quake mods such as Capture the Flag and Team Fortress, the game never really caught on.

The game received some controversy from fans of the X-Men franchise, mainly due to the violent content and having the ability to kill clones of the franchise's most popular characters.

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