XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association is a futuristic racing game developed by Acclaim Cheltenham and published by their parent company, Acclaim Entertainment.


Vostok, Antarctica

Location: Southern Indian Ocean

Circuits and Length:

Vostok Peaks Circuit 11.9 km

Vostok Coastal Circuit 10 km

Dunroth's Folly

Location: Southeast Asia

Circuits and Length:

Dunroth's Folly Circuit 10.4 km

Dunroth's Rift Circuit 10.7 km

Deep Space E.R.F Station

location: Saturnian Astroid

Circuits and Length:

Mining Dome Circuit 8.9 km

E.R.F Unit Circuit 8.5 km

Deep Sea Anomaly

Location: Atlantic Ocean

Circuits and Length:

Anomaly 17 Circuit 8.3 km

Anomaly 19 Circuit 12.1 km

Santarem, Brazilia

Location: Amazon Basin

Circuits and Length:

Reactor Circuit 7.8 km

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