Xiao Long is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.
Xiao Long


Xiao Long is the son of a Mongol warlord who is a vassal to the ruling "Kahn" that rules a huge portion of Asia. At the age of 14, Xiao long was instructed by his father to carry out an execution of an enemy soldier in a public square. But Xiao having a conscience, couldn't bring himself to carry out the execution. This angers his father who tortured him, burned out his eyes and banished him to farthest reaches of the Mongol empire. For several days, Xiao Long wanders the regions of Mongol-controlled China and was discovered by a group of Shaolin Monks as if they've been waiting for him and took him into their Monastery. For 12 years, Xiao long had trained to hon the spirit sense which allowed him to overcome his blindness, he also sensed that there was an evil air coming from the west. He sets out on a journey to defeat this evil from the west and destroy the source of the evil.

Good Ending

Xiao Long went on his journey to shut off the source of evil that threatens the world. He finds that it was a man named Asmodeous and his weapon called the Mace. He finds and defeats the evil being, but when Xiao Long grasps onto the Mace, he can hear it calling out to him, it said that he can grant him back his vision that was taken away from him by his father. Tempting, but Xiao Long having a noble soul resists the Mace's corrupting powers and destroys the weapon. Xiao Long might have lost his physical sight, but his time in the Shaolin Temple has gotten him to open up what life really means.

Bad Ending

Despite his failure to defeat this evil that was Asmodeous, Xiao Long's fighting spirit remained as strong as ever. He returns to the Shaolin temple so he can meditate and forgive himself on his recent failure. Unfortunately, Asmodeous would inform to Xiao Long's father that Xiao long is alive and well, and the Kahn sends his forces to find and eliminate his son. But as they discovered the Shaolin Temple Xiao Long stays at, they can begin hearing the sounds of banging drums. A fierce battle soon breaks out. The outcome of this battle is still a mystery.

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