Xonotic is a fork of the GPL-ed first person shooter Nexuiz. The fork was initiated after a controversy over the licensing of Nexuiz to Illfonic game studios in order to create a console version.[1][2]

Xonotic announced that it would diverge from Nexuiz in the following ways:[3]

  • A more unified and consistent art direction
  • New player models and animations
  • New set of default maps, some of them will get a makeover
  • New sounds and music
  • New stronger bot AI
  • Low quality textures will be dropped and replaced with higher quality ones
  • Some weapon models may be changed
  • More frequent releases
  • Global player stats tracking system, supporting anonymous player as well
  • New HUD

The game was released initially in 2011, with the latest release 0.8.2 coming out in April 2017.


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