Xpand Rally is a rally-racing game from Polish developer Techland.


There are about 20 cars in the game. Each of them can be enhanced by a number of available parts for peak efficiency. Their influence on the driving characteristics is immediately noticeable. Our advanced vehicle physics causes each of the tuned-up cars to behave differently on different surfaces, such as gravel, sand, snow, ice or asphalt. It combines a realistic driving model with elements of agility, so that the player experiences great pleasure from driving and feels the speed and power of the car.

Xpand Rally features over 60 tracks from different parts of the world. Chrome Engine creates realistic terrains. Races take place in the scorching sun of deserts, lakes covered with ice, green forests and mountains. Dynamically changing weather conditions challenge the driver's skills: sudden rain or snow makes the roads slippery and treacherous; abrupt winds make the car harder to control.

The game was generally well-received and it has been praised by critics. It has a rating of 82.60% on GameRankings[1] and 82 on Metacritic.[2]

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Xpand Rally Xtreme

On March 6, 2006, Xpand Rally Xtreme, an expansion on Xpand Rally was announced.

Xpand Rally Xtreme – as this is the title of the sequel – contains similar content to the original Xpand Rally but in totally extreme variation. In game, apart from well known rally cars, gamers find super-fast GT vehicles, DTR group buggies, off-road 4x4 cars and Monster Trucks group trucks. Game also presents about 40 tracks in typical SS contests, off-road cross-country rides, and racing track races against challenging opponents.

Like the original XR, game contains career mode, single races and multiplayer. It is based on the proven Chrome Engine and players will get the ChromEd editor to create their own tracks and even game modes.


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