Xyanide is an action/shooter video game for the Microsoft Xbox. It was released on August 15, 2006. Xyanide was developed and published by Playlogic Entertainment, after the game was originally developed by Engine Software for the Game Boy Advance. The game is playable by one or two players, supports online features, and has an ESRB rating of T for teen.


Somewhere in an alien galaxy lies the planet Mardar, a planet inhabited by humanoid people. These people have been worshiping a small-growing black hole called the Maelstrom as a holy execution tool for administering righteous judgment against their most heinous criminals, judged by a sentient machine called the Inquisitor. After a recent struggle, the people have successfully arrested the witch Aguira; a deceptive and destructive creature often disguised as a young girl, Aguira is sentenced to death by the people by being sent into the Maelstrom.

However, Aguira's transport vessel is struck by a nearby asteroid orbiting the sun, killing everyone on board but fatally injuring Aguira. To her surprise, the asteroid was rich in a chemical called Xyanide, a chemical known for its abilities to make an exposed person's thoughts become reality. Aguira uses the Xyanide - now pulsing in her blood - by creating her own space station and fighter squadrons at her command with herself as the ship's core to exact revenge against the Inquisitor and spread her destructive influence. It is up to the Bioship escort pilot Drake, Aguira's executioner, to stop her from accomplishing her goals.


The game was received lukewarmly by critics. IGN rated the game as "passable" [1] and the game received a "good" rating from GameSpot [2]. The game has an average of 70% among fourteen sites and magazines that have reviewed it [3].

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