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Even by volus standards, the pressure on Yan Tao is crushing. With an atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide, argon, and small traces of oxygen, the surface is devoid of life. However, tiny, fossilized sea creatures have been discovered in the deepest crevices of what used to be Yan Tao's oceans.

Facts about "Yan Tao"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure133.1 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length37.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameYan Tao +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameYan Tao +
NamePageYan Tao +
NamesYan Tao +
Orbital Distance1.6 AU +
Orbital Period2.0 Earth Years +
PageNameYan Tao +
PageTypeElement +
Radius11,460 km +
Surface Gravity1.45 G +
Surface Temperature598.15 K (325 °C, 617 °F, 1,076.67 °R) +

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