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Odama is an upcoming Nintendo GameCube title that takes the obvious, overused approach of recreating ancient Japanese warfare with pinball. I mean, duh. Don't we have enough RTS/Pinball simulators with microphone control flooding the market already?

Creator Yoot Saito has also said that the game will use Donkey Konga bongo drums, somehow.

Odama is rated E10+ by the ESRB for Violence.



It's pinball, but it's also a strategy game. Brilliant!

The goal of this crazy game is to break down the enemy gates with the Odama while directing your soldiers to push a giant bell past enemies and through the now open gates.

The flippers are controlled with the L and R buttons on the GameCube controller. Like any pinball game the flippers will whack the Odama back up the battlefield. The Odama can be knocked into enemies and other targets to destroy them, however if it hits your own men they to will perish.

Use of the Nintendo GameCube Mic is essential to directing soldiers actions. Holding down the X button on the GameCube controller activates the microphone allowing you to shout commands to your legion of loyal soldiers.

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