Yoshi's Story is a video game made for the Nintendo 64, starring Yoshi, is somewhat of a sequel to the critically acclaimed Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The game takes place mostly in a big, pop-up story book. Instead of the sketchy style found in its Super Nintendo Entertainment System predecessor, this game still features 2D backgrounds, but designed like some kind of scrapbook. Various types of paper and cloth make up the backgrounds and foregrounds. The characters themselves move on a 2D plane but appear to be 3D.

Yoshi and friends wander around eating the baddies and many fruit to restore the tree of happiness. The main enemy of the game is Baby Bowser.

The game was pieced together in a series of chapters. Each chapter contained more than one level, but Yoshi only plays one level each time he plays through the game. There are also hidden black and white Yoshi eggs to find and rescue. The Black and White Yoshis had more robust internal organs.