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YouTube Empire is a simulation video game set in the world of YouTube. In YouTube Empire, players can make wide variety of videos. A release date hasn't been confirmed, and what initial information there was on the game has since been deleted from Game Jolt, a website aimed at hosting indie video game developer creations. With no live page, the current development status of this video game is unknown.

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ComposerJacob Burtch +
DesignerJacob Burtch +
DeveloperJacob Burtch +
DirectorJacob Burtch +
DisplayNameYouTube Empire +
GenreSimulations +
Lead ProgrammerJacob Burtch +
NameYouTube Empire +
NamePageYouTube Empire +
NamesYouTube Empire +
PageNameYouTube Empire +
PageTypeSoftware +
PlatformMicrosoft Windows +, macOS + and GNU/Linux +
PlatformTypePC + and OS +
ProducerJacob Burtch +
PublisherJacob Burtch +
SoftwareSoftware +
StatusUnknown +

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