The work is to defend the gate

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Update Patch Ver1.10 was released on 2012/10/13 The patch can be found at the game's website.

Guardians of the Gate (門を守るお仕事)

The latest erotic strategy RPG from Softhouse Chara challenges you to defend a critical fortress from enemy attack. Manage your resources, build your forces, and drive off the invaders. And while you're at it, romance the many cute girls you'll find in this exciting fantasy world. Hours of fun gameplay and sex!

Game Synopsis

You play as Hito (ヒート)、the leader of a band of mercenaries hired to protect the city gates. Between battles, you need to choose between wooing heroines or influencing and taxing the local factions in order to earn funds. With these funds, you can then build fortifications and strategically place units like archers, horsemen, magicians, and dragon knights on the battlefield. Of course, like most Softhouse Chara games, there's a new game plus where your funds and units will carry over into your new game. These units and funds will be extremely helpful in unlocking modes that increase the difficulty of the game to fully clear the game. Good luck!

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