The work is to defend the gate

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English Japanese Requirements
Overall End/Epilogue 全体END/エピローグ Finish the game once
Overall End/ Town Contract 全体END/街と契約 Finish a playthrough participating only 3 or less battles
Overall End/ National Contract 全体END/国と契約 Finish a playthrough participating in 4 or more battles
Overall End/ Free Contract 全体END/自由契約 Finish Youhei-dan mode
Mabel End 1 メイベルENDその1

See メイベルの様子/ラブ scene while on Wendy mode.*

Mabel End 2 メイベルENDその2 See メイベルの様子/ラブ scene on any mode (other than Wendy)
Rua End ルアEND See ルアの様子/仕事場で1scene. To get the scene, get everyone's approval ratings above 65%
Dee End ディーEND

Choose Dee's dayoff events until you get ディーの様子/過去 scene.

Leaf End リーフEND Choose Leaf's dayoff events until you get リーフの様子/情事1 scene.
Elena End エレナEND See メイベルの様子/ラブ scene and エレナの様子/後背位1to get start-of-turn event エレナの活躍
Tsukuri End ツクリEND Choose Tsukuri's dayoff events. You have use 前線 command to to get ツクリの様子/抱えて1scene
Roumei End ロウメイEND Choose Roumei's dayoff events until you get ロウメイの様子/媚薬1 scene.
Wendy End ウェンディEND Use diplomacy cards on church faction 交流会/教会/崖事件決着 scene.
Haieri End ハイエリーEND Select "抱く" after capturing her twice and rescuing her from thugs in Final Mode.
Milkase End ミルカッセEND Same conditions as Haieri End and you have to see 3 Milkase's scenes
Mercenary End 傭兵団END Can be obtained in Wendy Mode when you get any heroine ending
Rua Special End ルア特殊END Get both Rua and Mabel End in one playthrough
Mabel Royal End メイベル王族END See メイベルの王族疑惑  event in Final mode and you must H Haieri
Gate Defending End 門を守る傭兵団END On Final mode, do the same conditions as Mabel End but do not choose to H Haieri.
  • Notes
  • You have to select Mabel's dayoff until you get repeating scenes. Participate in at least 3 battles then select Mabel's dayoff again until you get the scene.

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