The work is to defend the gate

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Why can't I clear Wendy Mode?

You have to see all the church events by using Diplomacy cards on Church faction. Keep doing this until you see the human trafficking scene.

Those unique enemy units keep wrecking my troops. How do I defeat them?

Avoid fighting them head-on in an open field, bring them into a fortification. Use strategies like Shoot Arrow and Dragon Spear to lower their HP (and Attack) and force them to retreat. Using traps like pits may work at them but proceed cautiously since they can get out of the pit indefinitely. You can avoid them appearing on the battlefield by lowering the morale of the enemy to less than 30 quickly.

Why do I start a battle with lower HP?

There are some random events that give you options of increasing your Faction ratings in exchange for HP. Sometimes these events lower your Gate HP or reduce your gold. Picking the the lower (or lowest) option prevents your troops losing HP but sometimes may give you penaly of losing Faction ratings. If your lucky enough, there are random events that heals all your troops and fix your gate.

Which is the best unit?

Dragonknight had the best stats and ability but the best unit in later games is Magician. After maxing Dragonknight, Civilian and Samurai class, the Magician gains +3 Attack Number letting the unit become a monster that spews 4 attacks, 200-400 damage each.

Why are all units generic? Are there special units?

All units are generic but the patch 1.10 version lets you assign generals to your troops. This attack and defense bonus and experience gain to the troops but that's about it. They are more or less still generic but have their own sprite.

What happens when you score perfect in the Quiz game in the Extra menu?

Nothing. It tells you that you know the game perfectly well. 

Is there a English translation patch?

Sadly, no. There's someone who tried to work on a interface translation patch it but he dropped it and went missing. I'm not really expecting him to release it.

This is an old game and wiki, why did you update this?

I come across this game just recently and fell in love with it. I looked around and it is a pity that there are scant information about this game. I hope the information I added helps others too.

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