The work is to defend the gate

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Money in this game are displayed with numbers like 100万B. This is translated as 100*10000B or 1 000 000B. Symbol 万 reads as "man" and means "ten thousand", so all such numbers will be called like 100man in this wiki.

Main phase

Each turn you can make only 1 action from main menu.

1. Recruit - recruit new "Civilian" unit or one of the units from previous playthrough. Cost starts with 500man for 4th unit and increased by 50man for each new unit you recruit. Cost can be lowered by half by researching "Employment expenses reduction".

2. Research - unlock new things to build, new units to use, different bonuses.

3. Arms change - rearm your current unit to different unlocked type.

4. Front - set up your battlefield. Build defensive facilities, traps, passages, change position of your troops. Passage type buildings (Wooden bridge, Stone bridge, Drawbridge) can be build only on rivers. Only Fence or Steel fence defensive facilities can be built on leftmost areas where enemies enter the map. Each location can have only 1 building - either Trap, Passage or Defensive facility.

5. Rest - spend time with female mercenaries or one of the heroines.

6. Exchange - gain money or influence with one of the five factions in town: nobility, merchants, common, church, underworld. You gain 2 cards to choose from, upper part of the card shows cursor change in faction that you choose, lower part of the card either moves cursor of specified faction, random faction, or sometimes affects influence directly without moving the cursor. Researching "Vulgar entertainment" allows you to choose from 5 cards instead of 2. If there are no good cards, they can be exchanged by using button left of them. You need to pay 10man for first exchange, and more with each next exchange. Different colored blocks on the field provide different effects for influence and money gain:

  • Blue - gain 5 to 15 influence
  • Red - lose 5 to 15 influence
  • Green - gain "current influence * 5 man" and lose 15 influence (if current influence was 0, gain only 1man)
  • Yellow - gain "current influence * 10 man" and lose 30 influence (if current influence was 0, gain only 1man)
  • Purple - random effect (can be positive or negative, like gaining small amount of money for free or changing whole line of one faction to Red blocks for 1 exchange).

7. Enemy power - check info about enemy army or do some obstructions like bribing enemy to postpone the attack, providing debuffs for enemy units, removing several enemy units from enemy army.

Enemy power menu:

  • a. Scout - reveals information about some unknown enemy forces, their type and prepared amount.
  • b. Bribe - can spend 15, 30, 50, 100 or 300man to pospone the attack. Be careful, because later attack will have more enemy units.
  • c. Sabotage - sabotage enemy to lower their amount or debuff them.
  • c1. Decrease war potential - lowers amount of units that are prepared to battle.
  • c2. Whole obstruction - lowers whole enemy army Atk or Def for few turns (if enemy attacks while affected by this debuff, all units will suffer penalty for whole battle).
  • c3. Selected obstruction - lowers selected type of enemy Atk and Def and also obstruct their participation in battle for few turns.
  • d. Provoke - if successful, lowers the time enemy waits before attacking, that way enemy will attack with fewer units.

Battle phase

The main aim of this game is to protect the Gate to town, but even if the gate falls, last area still can be protected with units until last of them dies. Game is over if all units protecting the gate are dead. If Gate is destroyed, you suffer influence penalty with 5 factions even if you win the battle.

Each battle consists of 20 turns. After 20 turns pass if enemy is still not defeated you suffer some penalty with influence with 5 factions and have to spend one more global turn in battle without being able to repair your buildings or recover troops. If you win battle all your buildings and units are recovered and placed as they were set up before battle (if they are still alive).

Each turn it is possible to do only 1 action - move any unit or use one Strategy or skip turn. After that enemy units move. Then all oposing units in the same location start exchanging blows.

Movement can be done only on location that is near the current one. Units can't move forward if enemy occupies current location (exception is Dragon knight, who is blocked only by flying units). Two units can exchange places with each other spending only 1 turn. There are places on the map where unit can retreat from the battlefield for the rest of the battle. After battle is won, it will appear where it was placed before the battle.

Enemy army has Morale parameter. They start with about 80-100 and gain extra 1 morale for each new unit that enters battlefield. They lose 10 morale when unit surrenders (unit HP lowers to 0), 3 morale when unit retreats. Depending on the amount of morale they do more or less damage. When morale drops significantly (below 20) enemy army retreats even when they still have some units awaiting deployment.

Each unit deals less damage when it is damaged.

There are some types of enemy units that have bonuses in special situations:

Horsemen - gain 35 Atk and 2 Atk N (attack number) when fighting on locations without defensive facilities.

Flying - can ignore allied units (except Dragon knights) and move each turn further into the battlefield.

Siege - have few attacks but gain attack power against Defensive facilities, so can destroy them rather fast.

Demons - have different bonuses like a lot of HP, a huge amount of attacks or ability to damage units behind fortifications.

Archers and Gunners - gain extra attack power against most mercenary units.

Spies - can destroy traps.

Heroes - have a lot of HP, a lot of attacks and are Horsemen type.

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