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Shrouded by a thick atmosphere of complex hydrocarbons, Yunthorl has never been fully mapped. The surface is hot, and completely covered by a global ocean of liquid hydrocarbons. There are indications of primitive organic life developing deep within the global ocean.

Note: This planet can be surveyed for a League of One medallion.
Facts about "Yunthorl"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure2.1 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length55.2 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameYunthorl +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect +
NameYunthorl +
NamePageYunthorl +
NamesYunthorl +
Orbital Period5.8 Earth Years +
PageNameYunthorl +
PageTypeElement +
Radius5,905 km +
Surface Gravity0.8 G +
Surface Temperature341.15 K (68 °C, 154.4 °F, 614.07 °R) +

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