Yuujin no Furi Furi Girls (遊人のふりふりガールズ?, "Yuujin's Furi Furi Girls")[3] is a game where the player has to hunt monsters and the other players for the key to open the mystical seal at the far side of the maze. Battles in the game are solved using rock-paper-scissors and no violence is actually used. Monsters include blobs, dragons, and lizards. Hit points, attack power, and money can either be added or subtracted through judicial use of the game board squares. Not all characters start out with the same amount of money and it is possible to go into debt by losing battles.


Every time a battle is lost, the losing player is relegated to the spirit world unless she manages to teleport herself or manages to win a battle that is fought on certain squares that link the living with the dead. Money is lost with every step taken in the spirit world, which continues until the player can be resurrected. Teleporters can either take the player ahead or behind in the maze, depending on strategy and whether the player wants to evade or fight her opponent. Certain action within certain squares can also liberate "dead players" from the spirit world and sends a "live player" to the spirit world to become dead in her place. There are three different maps: a spiral, a simple maze, and a more complex maze.


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