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zOMG! is a fully-functional battle system designed to allow users to engage in interactive battles against monsters. It is free to play with no download, but one must become a new member of the site Gaia Online, and one must be 13 years or older to sign up.


The world of Gaia is under attack by The Animated – normally inanimate objects like Gnomes or Garlic, Fluff, Kokeshi Dolls and the OMG hat – have come to life, and begun attacking the citizens of Gaia. When The Animated came, there was also something else that was discovered; Rings. Not just any old rings, but rings containing special powers. These rings become part of the player. They attach themselves to the player and tap into their emotional state. They feed off of the energy the player's emotions produce, and give the player the power to create phenomenal attacks. At the moment, no one truly understands these rings or The Animated. No one really knows what is going on. But it's your duty to help defend your cities and towns, and get to the bottom of this all...

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ContentTypeVideo Game +
DesignerDavid Georgeson +
DeveloperGaia Interactive +
DisplayNameZOMG! +
FeaturesMMO + and Multi-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreOnline +, MMO + and RPG +
InputKeyboard + and Mouse +
International Linux ReleaseOctober 2008 +
International Mac OS ReleaseOctober 2008 +
International Microsoft Windows ReleaseOctober 2008 +
International ReleaseOctober 2008 +
Linux ReleaseOctober 2008 +
Mac OS ReleaseOctober 2008 +
Microsoft Windows ReleaseOctober 2008 +
NameZomg! +
NamePageZOMG! +
NamesZomg! + and ZOMG! +
PageNameZOMG! +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PublisherGaia Interactive +
RegionInternational +
RequiresAdobe Flash +
StatusReleased +
Year2008 +

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